The first Honour on the occasion of First anniversary of the Hall Of Poets is presented to the Poet Chris Frazier for her outstanding contributions to the Hall and to Poetry by not only encouraging the poets in the Hall but also consistently being active in the Hall since it's commencement. 


Chris Frazier hails from Chicago's Northwest side and still lives in greater Chicago area. Coming from a long line of teachers on both sides of my family, she developed a love of reading at a young age. She has always held a love of words both written and read but became more serious about writing in High School after taking a journalism class that she loved. It was also when she first started to read poetry, and began channelling her writing in that direction, with the occasional short story, as well. After joining Google+, she feels she have been able to learn much from talented colleagues and friends, allowing her to also grow and stretch creatively. Those that know her, know that she writes primarily love poetry. She has no formal training, but what that may lack, she tries to make up with heart.;) She is, as yet unpublished, but ever hopeful. Her other hobbies include art of various medium, gardening, dabbling in photography.

Sharing with our readers a beautiful Poetry by Chris Frazier.


A thousand springs
of blooming in rebirth
couldn't compare
to the joy in the air
in the midst of you...

A thousand summers
of blazing sun's heat
a gentle breeze relief
couldn't warm or cool
like the touch of you...

A thousand autumns
of cool, crisp days
night winds chill
leaves descend 
a splendor of color 
holds my attention
until the sight of you...

A thousand winters
of cycles freeze and thaw
always finding warmth to draw
love's energy the fuel
contained within me and you...

A thousand seasons change
time's passing couldn't diminish
the depth of what remains
endless, timeless love

~cf 2016 ©

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