HALL OF POETS INSPIRE AWARD (e.k.a Friend of The Hall Award) for the month Jun-Jul 2016, goes to "Graça Costa", a poetess who masters Love and each of her writes presents an exquisite vibe of love. 

She has contributed to the Hall and to Poetry not only by encouraging the Poets in the Hall but also by being active in the Hall since it's commencement. Her Poetry has brought the wave of pleasantness to the poetic environment of the Hall. She has established herself as an outstanding poet of the Hall of Poets. 

Hall Of Poets would like to share an exquisite write of the Poetess: 


Look at me
as if you were seeing me for the first time.
Touch my skin
and feel again the warm pleasurable shiver
you felt that day.
Close your eyes
and follow my voice.
No questions asked.
No judgements.
Just do as I say
and feel.
Feel the smoothness of the body,
the warmth of the words,
the desire growing slowly,
as a feather floating down the river.
Stay still my love.
Let me dress your naked body with my skin.
Let me draw the sunset on your chest
with my lips.
Let me...
Let me...
just feel.
By the time you become breathless.
spell my name to the wind
and let yourself
melt in me
like dew at summer dawn.

©Graça Costa

Graça Costa is a Portuguese poet. She is a mother of two. Sociology, behavior analyze and counseling, are her life. Dance, poetry, reading, cinema and music, her passions.  Family is her "safe haven".

  "Writing? Need it, like the air that she breaths and when words fall from my fingers, my heart and soul is filled with the urgency of let them play. - Graça Costa

Her Blog is her harbour…a place that she gladly share with all friends, poets and readers. 

"I believes in a better world, and I know that the change starts from inside of me. May poetry be the seed to that goal.Graça Costa"

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