Blake went through a crisis within during this time. His such  internal conflict has been expressed in 1794  in the composition Songs of Experience. Unlike Songs  of Innocence, in Songs of Experience we get contrast of children's innocence, in fear ridden adoration, as we see in Tyger though sometimes thought as anger. But here Tyger is admiration blended in fear.

So in that way we can  bring the contrast where the souls of innocent children are thrown out from Edenial parameter to travel to the knowledge but it is the material one which involves trauma and pain. The Seer as played by Blake , introduced as Bard in opening stanza , is understood as seen and realised the Holy words of God, spoken to Men (in biblical way Adams and Eve are thrown as they have lost Innocence). This prophetic Bard has realised  the power of the words prophesied by the God speaking about his creation.

In Miltonic tone once more echoed in the next Stanza with that ref of Jehovah's speaking..

The Humanity and the representative, of it Mankind. These dehumanized men are thrown into the fallen state. Man is expelled from the Eden for his efforts to gain forbidden knowledge and to reach to the Divine State. The Man, by the way in material plane also losses innocence as the moment, he knows the end of life cycle is obvious.

The Bard in third stanza speaks about  the  ancient source of "karma" (Working force) and thus this patriarchal  force as symbolised the powerful working force ,has been found to bow down to get  acquainted with the process of hibernation and thus is required to be awaken for redressal,as the Divine Female. 

In the fourth stanza Blake has set the words in the line to understand the concept in dual sense. If we find the concept grown in the lines about the Humanity then he, warns the people not to deny the spiritual bond, they  are linked to Divine power. In other way Blake possibly has tried to depict the picture of Physical and Spiritual growth of feminine character to establish this Feminine power as the counterpart of the Masculine and that Power of Action,upon the star embedded , platform.

Interpretation are really the most important part of Power Potentiality. This poem leaves a question  about the relationship and that we may get it in the sequel," Earth's Answer".

Partha Sarathi Mukherjee
Associate Editor - Hall Of Poets

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