Emily Dickinson is under seduction of nature's alcoholic  drink.

Metaphor is the strongest  element symbolising drunkenness by taking alcohol . But the element of metaphor derives fro the paradox ,taste a liquor not brewed.

Poet imagines that she takes alcohol from a primitive horn or clay made huge mug like cup covered with white foam as pearl is symbolic for whit foam. The source of the drink is graphed in summer along the side of the banks of River Rhine the tributary of it is leading to Germany. Even the vineyard through, the side of Frankfurt, along the River Rhine  This is famous for white grapes and for producing best wine. 

So the poet perhaps is talking about the metaphor "alcohol" not brewed. Then a question comes: not brewed but poet has drunk the best alcohol ?

The metaphorical use has been so effective that paradox still continues.

In the next stanza, poet speaks about the alcohol and that a creation of air from the mountain dew which perhaps is  the ingredient of the liquor that she has tasted in air made with fresh frosty dew collected up on mountain, close to the sky and having blended in air has come to the earth, fallen on toes of grassy carpet over which  the poet  has her walking to pick up the news paper and the alcohol, is obviously the air which is used with hyperbolic way to stress her chronically state of drunkenness through "deabauche" and inebriated " .

This quatrain follows a rhythm pattern and significantly the summer sky is referred here as' "blue"used as imagery and frost molten on blue in "air" that is the alcohol, the poet has drunk .

In the third quatrain, the poet exceeds the bees and butterflies in respect of consuming the drink and feeling a reeling state she moves from pub to pub to drink and sleeps there totally as consuming surplus alcohol left in nature flowers by butterflies and bees as they have given up drinking..

The poet in last stanza has brought the imagery of closest Angels of the God who sings Hymns of God in tone of praising These three winged Angeles ,flying amidst the white clouds as symbolised by "white cap' and the saints would see the drunken poet has drunk the summer alcoholic beauty by drinking the best alcohol of the country Spain.The last stanza evokes how her drunkenness is approved by God and god like saints who has found purity in her drunken state as She has drunk the summer beauty of nature and thus poet is least bother about her friends of earth ,the lady of upper class society , critical about her drunken state.

Partha Mukherjee
Associate Editor - Hall of Poets

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