Today’s fast and urbanized world has compelled the human of today to be Modern and advanced as well. From super cars to high-rise buildings to even human body everything is changing and needing advancement. In this race of superiority and perfection, humans are fighting hard to look perfect at any cost.

 If we talk about fitness industry, there has been a great change today. Gyms are everywhere and people are actually taking out time for it, thanks to the super concerned male celebrities who inspire millions to go to gym and this never ending quest for attaining that perfect Six pack slim and chiselled body is making people go very far with their fitness concern, passion and obsession. A vigilance for fitness is deemed good because it is healthy but an increasing obsession over looks is landing people into what cannot be deemed as ‘Healthy’ while it still may fall into the category of ‘being fit’ or being slender.

Today almost every young man craves for a six-pack abs, biceps and the lowest possible percentage of body fat, and in order to achieve the same they are less dependent on gym machines and rely more on dietary supplements, medicines, drugs and steroids as most of them believe that these medicines are a magic pill which will melt all the fat from their body and give them that perfect celebrity body. 

Gone are the days when people used to walk miles in the open air to achieve fitness. This tradition is surviving only on the shoulders of oldies as the newbie’s are only seen pumping in the gym. The most important thing in all this is the longing for a perfect glam body in shortest possible time span which paves the route to drugs and steroids which are usually illegally prescribed and used. I used the term ‘illegally’ because’ doctors will not commonly prescribe you steroids to lose weight or get a great body. The best of the doctors always prescribe good physical exercise than short cuts like drugs.  

There are many gyms today but not a wide fitness consciousness which is also an important factor that leads to malpractice by people in fitness business. When people join gyms, they are first of all interested in the well chiseled look than a healthy, disease free, fit body and secondly, most of the gym trainers advocate taking supplements curbing to the notion that one cannot achieve a great body without drugs and the notion is enough to make people buy the idea. The desperation of quick outcomes is so, that people keep shifting brands or doubling the dosage when results are not achieved but an inclination towards heath perspective is increasingly lost.  

In countries where fitness supplements are imported, the local manufacturers are still not so technologically advanced as to produce high quality whey protein or creatine or casein, or CLA etc. The product locally manufactured by not so good technology not even lack quality but is many a time adulterated so as to compete with market prices. This phenomenon is not new.

The words or chemical names like Creatine or Casein may be known to today’s youngsters but for a common man they are just another English alien words they have heard for the first time. This unawareness increases chances of fake or adulterated products being sold to the people desperate for a pack body and the easiest route of market is via trainers and person-to-person contact in gyms. The trainer who transforms people completely is often considered a godfather of fitness and his prescribed product holds importance like a doctor prescribed pill but the misfortune is that the people often do not conduct researches on their own. The health hazards such drugs bring are often not known to people, like excess of proteins can damage kidneys.

The world is loaded with fakism and the gyms are loaded with sub-standard products of which people know little. There are very few importers who actually have licence and legal rights but they are still not very known to most of gym enthusiasts.

The most important thing is that one does not know which supplement is causing a particular disease and in case of adulterated or sub-standard product, the adulterants are not known and hence their health hazards are not known as well. Many of these drugs effect by increasing the heart rate which is due to increased flow of blood through capillaries or Vaso-dilation action. Other effects may be dose dependent, i.e. depending on the amount of product ingested. In excess of drug intake, these drugs might bring about Cardiac arrhythmia or even heart attacks caused by some drugs which may not be diagnosed as drug induced heart failures or even Kidney failures in case of proteins like whey, which the person himself opted for unknowingly.  

Even after such dangerous hazards, people seem to be increasingly obsessed with these. There are two reasons for being crazy for these supplements. The first reason is the gains which are believed to be achieved by pure form of proteins, amino acids, glutamine and creatine and the second reason of getting addicted to them is fat loss which is believed to be achieved by alcar or l- carnitine, raspberry ketones, cla, omega 3 and caffeine. Frankly speaking all these elements are present in various foods like amino acids are found in eggs or L-carnitine is found in citrus fruits. If you carefully Google there chemicals, you will find almost every fruit and vegetable that contains most of these things. On one hand we pay handsome amount for proteins and supplements and on the other hand the very chemicals present in the supplements are already present in most of the veggies and fruits which are much cheaper than supplements and drugs. 

But again, we have a tendency to act fast and slavishly be obsessed with these drugs and amazingly many a times results are achieved fast but not for a long time and therefore, it is hard to discontinue it and hard to change the mindset of people. Although these proteins and supplements are a quick way of getting benefits but again choose these supplements only when you are completely sure about the quality and safe dosage, else do not, because your life matters more than your body and even if it helps you achieve a chiselled, low fat percentaged, sex-pack, zero size body; it might pave way for dangerous systemic disorders too, which is in no book of medicine deemed as ‘HEALTHY’.



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