My idea of love?  It is different.
It is not about the big things,It is about  the little, meaningful  ones.

I don’t want you to take me out for dinner in an expensive restaurant. I’d prefer being snuggled up in the blanket in out PJ’s eating leftover pizza, the speakers playing our song, and well, me wiping my dirty ketchup hands on your face and when you’ll get pissed, making a disgusting face, I’ll laugh at you, before you now it, you are laughing at yourself too.

Hell, I don’t want to talk to you for the whole day. I’d rather want you to call me at weirdest hour and tell me a lame joke that you’ve just thought of. I’d never want you to tell me everything and anything, rather, I’d be more than happy if you think, “Oh my god I need to tell her this” when the most exciting thing happens to you, and when I am the first person you call when you on your bathroom floor, unable to distinguish tears from the sweat. 

Don’t take me to fancy places every day, just don’t. Show up unplanned at my place and take me for a walk. Don’t bring big bouquets for me, pluck a rose and hand it over to me when I least expect it. Don’t tell me that you love me every minute of the day, just hold me and tell me everything is going to be alright, when I am crying about something which has went wrong.
Sit with me on the sidewalk and tell me what you think about the stars and galaxy, tell me why you think that a time machine could never be invented. Keep a hand on my waist when I least expect it and draw circles on my palm to tickle me. Whisper to me that I am the biggest idiot you’ve ever seen and run away as I chase after you to hit you in the stomach. And then we’re lying on the floor laughing about the most annoying stuff we do. But we don’t even care, it’s ‘our thing’.

 Don’t tell me how you’ll give me the sun if you could, because that’s stupid.  Hell, I don’t even want the sun. I’d happier if you buy me a bunch of balloons from the roadside and tell me I am fatter than them combined, and laugh when I make a face and hug me from behind when I start to walk away, making it up to me with my favorite ice-cream. 

Be my best friend when I need one.
Be my guide, when you think I am walking towards the wrong.
Scold me when you think I’ve erred and help me rectify it.
Tell me you love me when you think I am not lovable.
And you know what?  Stay.

Manisha Agarwal
DPS Agra


Manisha is a tenth grader at Delhi Public School Agra. She has always been an avid reader, always having a cup of strong coffee and a good book by her bedside table. She is open to reading any kind of genre as long as the book is unputdownable. She is also a part of a book project running in her school. She loves writing,  the romance genre.. An excellent orator, she loves it behind the podium! She values her friendships more than anything else and can always make people laugh.

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