1. To promote Literary works, and un-discovered talent of people in the field of literature and all forms of art from all over the world, including but not limited to all states, all sects, all castes, all cultures, regions, religions, ethnicity, race, colour and orientation.

2. To promote the culture, languages, and the unique aspects of each language, that contributes towards the making of this incredible world.

3. To preserve the native languages spoken in different regions of the world, and making an attempt to promote these languages on all possible platforms via social media, HOP ezine, Journals and anthologies in these languages.

4. To devote ourselves towards the betterment of Literature, promoting the same by translation and transliteration of literary works in different languages.

5. To promote and help in the inter-cultural mingling of cultures between India and other Nations by collaborating with various No-Profit literary organisations of other nations and inviting scholars from Foreign Nations to visit India and know about the rich heritage, Literature and culture of India and even learning, sharing of culture as per to benefit society.

6. To enable Foreign ideas, literature and foreign culture and heritage to be known to the Indian Poets and writers by providing a common platform to the scholars from all nations to share their views, new trends , languages and literature with the Poets and writers from all over India and also to attend various National and International scholarly events.  

7. To work in the field of women empowerment and help empower the women of the world to an exemplary capacity and to motivate them to fight for self and to contribute in the betterment of the society.

8. To help improve the status of women in society today and help end gender discrimination, gender inequality, derogatory social dogmas and similar other issues, including but not limited to women, children, transgender, heterosexual and bisexuals. We especially want to bridge the true idea of equality and support men's right as well. 

9. To promote the works of art and artists in the field of creativity, including but not limited to poetry, plays, creative writing, painting and arts, music, theatre, cinema, photography and other similar fields of creativity. But also empower artists through their work and help them build a career out of it, inspiring each soul to be creative. 


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